Meta Contributes $15K to ColorStack

January 3, 2023

ColorStack is excited and grateful to have received a $15,000 donation from Meta earlier this year. The substantial donation comes as the result of an event the company held in celebration of International Women in Engineering Day this past October. As part of this event, Meta chose to donate to nonprofit organizations that promote diversity in tech.

“The Women in Engineering community at Meta is passionate about improving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion both for those who are already in the profession, and for those who are seeking to enter the field,” said Syamla Bandla, a Senior Director of Production Engineering at Meta. “With that goal in mind, Meta is excited to donate $15,000 to ColorStack as they continue to support Black and Latinx computer science students’ progress toward attaining careers in the field of engineering.”

ColorStack is honored to have been considered for this funding, which will be extremely helpful as we continue to support underrepresented computer science students pursuing careers in tech. It is one of many contributions Meta has made this past year, including hosting 50 ColorStack members for Meta’s Career Insights program and attending our Stacked Up Summit in August. We’d like to express our gratitude to Meta for its support, and we’re excited to see how our partnership continues to grow.

“The corporate partnership we’ve always dreamed of is multifaceted. Not just engaging talent acquisition, but DEI, engineering, and corporate social responsibility in order to truly leverage the resources of a leading tech company like Meta to solve one of the biggest challenges our industry is facing. I’m thankful to the women in engineering community for thinking of us, and I’m looking forward to continuing to partner with Meta to further our mission," said ColorStack founder and CEO, Jehron Petty.