Introducing: ColorStack Member Profiles

September 18, 2023

Amid the buzz of last month’s Stacked Up Summit, Director of Engineering, Rami Abdou announced the launch of ColorStack Member Profiles, a web-based application that will revolutionize the way that students engage with the online community. 


As a home for all ColorStack members, Member Profiles will make it easier for members to control their data, access insights about their engagement, and find important community resources all in one place. Highlights of the app include an automated onboarding checklist for new members, access to engagement and participation statistics (number of events attended, number of messages sent, etc), “activity streaks” and leaderboard that celebrate members who have been active for the most weeks consecutively, fields that allow students to display education and work history, and the ability to add multiple email addresses to a ColorStack account. 

"Member Profiles will set the foundation for the most engaging community experience possible for ColorStack members,” says Rami. “It will be a hub for connecting with other members, finding job opportunities, and ultimately fulfilling the ColorStack mission of increasing the number of Black and Latinx Computer Science graduates that go on to start rewarding technical careers."

As ColorStack’s vibrant online and in-person community of Black and Latinx computer scientists continues to grow, Member Profiles will prove integral in scaling the member experience. The launch announcement signals both the immense growth that ColorStack has seen since its inception and the organization’s commitment to providing the most supportive experience for its members.