Company ERGs: The Secret to Success in the Workforce

October 10, 2023

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) can be the key to finding a sense of belonging and a professional network to support you on your career journey. ERGs are typically led by employees and make space for members of an identity group by way of social events, professional development opportunities, and special programming. We chatted with DocuSign ERG chairs Cassandra Campos and Gerard Henry to learn more about why ERGs are important and what they can mean for your career. 

Gerard Henry is the co-chair for Black Organization for Leadership Development (BOLD) at DocuSign. He notes that ERGs can be immensely beneficial on both a social and professional level. They provide “a ‘safe space’ for individuals to navigate the landscape within a company's culture that fosters opportunities for career growth and development,” he says. 

Professionally, Gerard’s participation in BOLD has allowed him to use skills that he might not use on the day to day in his current position, take on leadership roles, and be creative. “The increased visibility has gained me greater recognition and potential opportunities for future leadership roles within the company,” he says. The experience has also allowed him to facilitate connections and highlight the skills of other members, which fosters the “continual validation of the value of Black Talent within DocuSign.”

Cassandra Campos, Global co-chair for DocuSign’s Latinx ERG, similarly emphasizes these pillars of social connection and professional development. “This ERG is very important for me because it gives me a chance to give back to my community within DocuSign, network, and connect with others,” she says.

In particular, she highlights a variety of ERG events that bring the community together: “we've had trivia events, cocktail making classes, movie viewing parties, discussions on Latinidad, imposter syndrome, and advocating for yourself at work, to name a few.” She also mentions special programming around Hispanic Heritage month and the ERGs monthly LatinFam Hangout, which allows group members to connect on a regular basis.

On the topic of events and programming, Gerard spotlights BOLD’s Executive Conversations speaker series, which features engaging conversations between BOLD leadership and top executives at the company, in addition to events and activities around Black History Month. 

Both urge new grads to get involved in ERGs, tap into the more expansive built-in network of the group and take on an active role in their communities. This often results in accelerated career trajectories and almost always results in a more meaningful (and fun) work experience.