ColorStack Wraps up 2022 Fam Friday Events

December 20, 2022

ColorStack recently held its final Fam Friday event of the year on December 16th. The event was designed to provide students with a safe and welcoming space to relax and gather valuable insights as they approach the end of their school year.

Throughout the day, participants had the opportunity to attend a variety of sessions led by industry professionals. Karen Garcia, the Marketing Operations Manager at UiPath, spoke about the importance of personal branding in the workplace. In her session, she emphasized the need for individuals to carefully curate their online presence and to clearly communicate their unique value proposition to potential employers.

Amelia Avery-Bradley, the Senior Manager of Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Zynga, led a session on setting boundaries and saying no. In a world where it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and overcommitted, learning how to set clear boundaries and say no when necessary is an essential skill. Avery-Bradley shared tips on how to communicate effectively and assertively in order to protect your time and energy.

In addition to these sessions, students were able to connect with ColorStack's in-house career coach, Catalina Peña, the Founder and Lead Career Coach at Catalyst Creation. Peña offered free coaching sessions to help students find direction in their future careers or prepare for interviews. As a career coach, Peña has helped countless individuals clarify their goals and develop strategies for achieving them. Students can book free coaching sessions through ColorStack with Peña to help  find direction in their future careers or prepare for interview.

The event concluded with a vision board social hosted by Community Manager Nyasha. This provided students with the chance to have fun and plan for the coming year, 2023. Creating a vision board is a powerful way to visualize and manifest your dreams and goals, and it can be a fun and creative process.

Overall, Fam Friday was a successful and valuable event for ColorStack's students, offering them the chance to learn from industry professionals and connect with their peers. The team at ColorStack looks forward to hosting Fam Friday events next year and providing students with the opportunity to learn from and connect with tech professionals.