ColorStack Launches Student Panel Series at Fam Friday

August 30, 2023

Earlier this year, ColorStack launched its Student Panel series, which has quickly become a highlight of Fam Friday community gatherings this past spring. This interactive series brings together a group of ColorStack members every month to chat about their experiences as they relate to a specific focus area. Topics from previous months have included How to Secure the Bag: tips and advice for getting the job, celebrating women in tech, and a student project showcase.

At its core, the student panels are a celebration of the ideas, innovation, creativity, and wisdom that permeate the ColorStack community. The monthly segment is a chance for members to ask questions, share advice, and cheer each other on. 

In addition to facilitating the exchange of professional and academic knowledge, the student panel series also serves as a powerful remedy against imposter syndrome. During May’s student project showcase, for instance, presenters demoed a series of highly impressive projects from ChatGPT detector to a website that allows you to access information about local government officials. They shared their inspiration and the technologies they used, but many of the presenters also included a discussion of the challenges they faced along the way. In painting an honest picture of the good and the bad, the panelists helped fellow communities feel less alone in their experiences. 

The student panel series will continue on for more Fam Friday’s to come. Students who are interested in participating should reach out to ColorStack’s Community Manager, Nyasha Francis, via the student slack. Similarly, members who have ideas for future panel focus areas should feel free to reach out.