ColorStack Announces the Fall Stacked Up Summit: Ignite Your Tech Career at the Ultimate Gathering for Black and Latinx CS Students!

July 13, 2023

Get ready to jumpstart your tech career at our Fall Stacked Up Summit, hosted by the one and only Michelladonna! This ain't your average tech summit, y'all. We're talking about the only gathering for Black and Latinx Computer Science Students attending universities in the U.S. It's happening on August 17-18, and trust us, you don't want to miss out!

The Fall Stacked Up Summit is your golden ticket to connect directly with recruiters from some of the biggest players in the game. We're talking about heavy hitters like Salesforce, Duolingo, Mastercard, HubSpot, and more. These recruiters are hungry for talent, and this is your chance to show them what you've got. So buckle up, polish that resume and LinkedIn profiles, and get ready to make those connections that can launch your career sky-high!

To add even more perks for attending the livest tech summit, we are dishing out $7,000 worth of prizes. Picture this: ExplainDev, Beats Studio Buds, Chromebook, Bose Speaker, and a whole lot more. It's like winning the lottery, but with skills, knowledge, and networking on your side. So come join us, attend those sessions, engage with our speakers, and increase your chances of scoring these amazing prizes. It's time to show 'em what you're made of!

And guess what? We've cooked up something else special for attendees - the Stacked Up Summit Tee, the official gear for the only summit that truly understands the hustle of Black/Latinx computer science students. Head over to and grab yourself this limited-edition tee. Trust us, wearing this bad boy can help you connect with other summit goers and/or recruiters.

Attending the Stacked Up Summit is like entering a whole new universe of opportunities, connections, and growth. But, we have to clarify that it doesn't automatically grant you ColorStack membership. However, if you're hungry for even more support, resources, and community, we encourage you to apply for membership. Take the reins, embrace the power of collaboration, and let ColorStack be your secret weapon to success!

The Fall Stacked Up Summit is your chance to shine, network, and grab those life-changing opportunities. Connect with top recruiters, win mind-blowing prizes, and rock that Stacked Up Summit Tee with pride. So mark those dates - August 17-18 - and let's conquer the tech world together!