ColorStack Announces Partnership with Career Coaching Company

October 6, 2022

ColorStack is excited to announce its partnership with career coach and Founder of Catalyst Creation, Catalina Pena. As a former recruiter at companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Asana, Catalina brings a rich knowledge of what works when it comes to landing a job in the tech industry. As an AfroColumbian woman and an immigrant to the U.S., she also carries with her a deep passion for giving underrepresented candidates the tools they need to succeed that is rooted in lived experience. Catalina has supported over 10,000 people on their job search journeys and has helped generate over $500K in raises. 

At ColorStack, Catalina will boost the organization's career development programming with a series of 1:1 and group coaching sessions. In these sessions, she will help students identify the hurdles that they’re facing and provide personalized support. With a proven track record, a down to earth approach to coaching, and a personal mission that is closely aligned with ColorStack’s, we are excited to see how this partnership grows and the untapped confidence that is unlocked with Catalina on board.