3 Tips to Stand Out at ColorStack's Stacked Up Summit

August 1, 2023

ColorStack's eagerly awaited Stacked Up Summit is just around the corner, scheduled for August 17th to 18th! The two-day virtual event for Black and Latinx students studying computer science will feature talks, panels, and networking events with professionals and recruiters from top companies. Last August’s summit had an impressive turnout of 1,702 attendees and garnered support from 26 corporate sponsors. With so many opportunities to build new skills, meet new people, and jumpstart your job search, we’ve put together a list of tips to maximize your time at The Summit:

  • Share the Stacked Up Summit Attendance Graphic: After you register for the Stacked Up Summit we encourage you to share the summit attendance graphic on your social media accounts like LinkedIn to let other students and professionals. Letting people know you’re attending ahead of time is a great way to start conversations and build connections with industry professionals even before the Stacked Up Summit event begins. 

  • Update Your LinkedIn and Resume: With so many opportunities to interface with recruiters, we recommend that you refresh your LinkedIn and resume before the Stacked Up Summit. Having your information up to date beforehand will make it easy for you to drop a link or a resume at the numerous networking opportunities throughout the three days. Please feel free to reach out to the "resume review" Slack channel for resume and LinkedIn support.

  • Turn Your Camera on for Intros: In small group settings, we recommend that you turn your camera on to establish a connection with those in the video conferencing room. Examples of situations in which you might turn your camera on include, asking a question to a speaker in a breakout room or chatting with a recruiter 1:1 at a career fair. If it’s not possible to keep your camera on the whole time, we recommend briefly introducing yourself with your camera on at the beginning of the session before going camera off. 

And that’s a wrap! We hope that the tips above help you hit the ground running at this August’s Stacked Up Summit. To register for the event please click here. Also, we welcome you to not only attend the conference, but to apply to become a member of ColorStack.