A computer science degree shouldn't feel impossible.

A 12 week program equipping you with the knowledge, resources, and community you need to pursure Computer Science.

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About The Program

ColorStack Sprout is a 12-week program designed to attract and support Black and Latinx students finding challenges in their pursuit of Computer Science. Thousands of Black and Latinx students drop the CS major annually not because they're no longer interested, but because of isolation, lack of support, and feeling "behind." Sprout equips you with a community of students just like you, bridges knowledge gaps about Computer Science, and provides you with long-term resources to help you complete your degree with confidence.

To sprout is to spring up or grow.

Who We’re Looking For

In short, you are a student that wants to graduate with a degree in Computer Science, but you don’t believe you are currently best positioned to do so. The ideal participant fits one of the following descriptions.

Interested in pursuing Computer Science, but are too intimidated to start

Started the Computer Science curriculum, but are seriously considering changing your major

Current Computer Science student, but feel like you're just barely getting by

Participant Responsibilities & Program Outcomes


1. Ask questions, then ask more questions

2. Support your peers

3. Attend all events

4. Give constructive feedback

5. Have fun

6. Believe in yourself


1. A tight-knit community of students and industry mentor that you can lean on throughout undergrad and beyond

2. A completed side project built using React, MongoDB, and the Twilio API

3. A list of industry role models that will be your constant source of inspiration

4. Confidence you didn't think you had prior

5. An increased GPA 😉

Saturday, July 24th

  • Technical Interview Prep: Recursion & Dynamic Programming
  • Overcoming Zoom Fatigue/Self-Care in the Job Search Process
  • Technical Interview Prep: Trees & Graphs
  • Take Your Pick: Career Paths for CS Majors

Program Details

This program will run from the beginning of September until the end of November, 2021.

Each student will be assigned to a "squad" of 5 other students. Your squad will be the backbone of your experience by delivering accountability, support, and camaraderie to each squad-mate. You'll meet weekly to share goals, find ways to support each other, and generally just hangout.This semester we're adding a new component to the squad experience: a project! Together, you and your squad will build a full-stack web application by the end of the program.


Each student will be matched with an early career mentor in software engineering. We will provide clear guidelines for your relationship with your mentor including how frequently you should meet and how to maximize the relationship.


Each squad will work on a well-scoped project together during the program. The project will be built using the tech stack that you'll learn during the program. React, Twilio, and MongoDB. You'll be able to add your first side project to your resume!

Program Events Scheduele

⭐️ Welcome Week

🔥 Pass the Class: Asking For Help, Time Management, and Effective Collaboration

💻 Technical Workshop 1: GitHub

❤️ Breakthrough: Conquering Imposter Syndrome

💻 Technical Workshop 2: Web Development

🔥 How to Think Like a Programmer: Algorithmic Thinking

💻 Technical Workshop 3: APIs

🪢 Sprout Project Outline

💻 Technical Workshop 4: Backend Development

🤓 Mid-Program Squad Project Update

🧘🏾 Battling Burnout: Motivation in the Midst of Crisis

⭐️ How to Think Like a Programmer: Developing Persistence

🧘🏾 1 of 1: Navigating Loneliness in Academia & Beyond

🙋🏾 Art of the Ask: Asking Questions & Problem-Solving

💁🏾 The Real: Underrepresented in Tech Panel

👷🏾 You've Got Options: What Can You Do With a CS Major? Pt. 1

🥫 The Secret Sauce: Cultivating Emotional Intelligence & Empathy as an Engineer

👷🏾 You've Got Options: What Can You Do With a CS Major? Pt. 2

🧗🏽 Virtual Tech Treks with 5 Top Tech Companies

🥳 Closing Celebration

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Week 12


Submit your application here as soon as possible. The ColorStack team will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis until July 23rd at 11:59pm ET.


Is this program only for underclassmen?

Although that's our target audience, we know that there are juniors and seniors out there that didn't get a proper introduction and may feel behind in their curriculum. All are welcome 🤗

How many students will be accepted?

96 students will be accepted into this semester's Sprout program.

What if I don't get in this semester?

By applying to any ColorStack program, you are also applying to be a part of The ColorStack Family, our event-driven Slack community. Whether you're in the program or not, there will still be tons of support available :)

What if I'm not majoring in Computer Science?

This program is open to anyone pursuing a major that has Computer Science or programming-intensive courses as part of its curriculum.